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MONA LISA Painting – A Mysterious Piece of Art


Mona Lisa painting – most historical, expensive, and most mysterious paintings the world has ever seen.

This painting is kept in a museum in Paris, Since 1797, in a separate room and that too behind the bulletproof glass! The room has controlled temperature and humidity.

Some Records Held by this Painting:

One of the most valuable paintings in the world. Valued at US$1 BN.

Guinness world record of the highest known insurance value at US$100 MN and that too in the year 1962 which is worth US$820 MN in 2020.

da Vinci started this painting in the year 1503 and this painting was divided into sessions. The first session was till 1506, since the painting was unfinished this session was extended till 1519 – the year which da Vinci died. But still, the painting remains unfinished!

Who is the Person in this Painting?

Some say the painting is da Vinci imagining himself as a lady or there are some who believe that the painting is of the love of da Vinci. But, a widely accepted fact is – a silk merchant once asked da Vinci to make a portrait depicting his wife named Lisa Gherardini and on his request, he started this painting. The name was given as Mona Lisa because, Mona in Italian means MY and Lisa means LADY i.e., MY LADY.

What is so Special in this Painting?

When we see the landscape of this painting we see that there is no outline. This art form is known as Sfumato. So, it is said that this painting was done using forty-micron – thinner than a human hair, brush. This painting was designed on wood so that it could be preserved for a long time. This thing in itself shows how special da Vinci was.

Pascal Cotte – An Vincian expert thoroughly studied this painting under high spectral light and studied various layers in the deep. He found that eyebrows had been drawn but with a single brush stroke. Since more than 500 years have passed those eyebrows have faded over a period of time.

Also, the landscape used is called Aerial Perspective – the effect of the atmosphere on the appearance of the object. As the viewer goes farther away from the Mona Lisa painting the contrast goes on decreasing.
This all has been done in the 15th century, mind-boggling, isn’t it?

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