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More About A Family….

A Family

A family is a basic unit of society and is important to both individuals and communities. Generally, A social unit in which adult spouses or partners and their children share economic, social, and emotional rights and responsibilities and a sense of commitment and identification Genetically or legally related Involuntary and permanent Social and legal obligations.

Many times the people may not be living in the same place but due to there same purposes or the same work, they form a family. It needs not to live in the same home but the feeling of love for a group of people makes a family strong.  A family is made of people who care for each other there is an interchange of love and support from each other. In every up and down of a family; family members are with each other, for each other.

There are some discordances in a family. But family members have a special ability to adjust and to understand someone. A family is a place where we learn to raise our voice after the wrongs that we feel. But when we are wrong we should have the patience to accept some words from other members and try to correct the error.

Over time, the transtructure of families in the USA has had to adapt to very influential changes, including divorce and the introduction of single-parent families, teenage pregnancy and unwed mothers, and same-sex marriage, and increased interest in adoption. In a family parents are the most important parts. There may be some arguments between the parents where some people reconcile it and live with a family. But sometimes there are problems between these parents which are not solvable then parents get separated and family breaks. Major Reasons are external marriage relationships of one or both partners, misunderstandings and never understanding each other, etc. For a human, feelings are very much important therefore if it hurts then this causes damage to a relation. In a family, there may be many dissents between siblings and are many times solved by parents. The way to prove a person is important in your life is to live away from that person for some days. Many families rebuilt due to this.

World’s largest family is the Chana family in India. Its head is Ziona Chana. The joint family system is an extended family arrangement prevalent throughout the Indian subcontinent, particularly in India, consisting of many generations living in the same home, all bound by the common relationship. In such families, the role of the head is most important. Other members also have the feeling of the same care and love for each one of them. This number of joint families in India is also decreasing speedfully. The major reason is decreasing tamability.

Being in a family we can learn many things. It finds it easy to live in a society and handle situations when you live in a family.

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