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Netflix: Mark Millar Comic ‘Reborn’ Turning into Feature Film Casting Sandra Bullock

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Right coming away from the production team, Vertigo Entertainment, behind ‘IT’ movie, and Netflix here comes the reborn of ‘Reborn’ comic by Mark Millar into a featuring film. This new project will be directed by the Chris McKay, who is known for his direction of LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. Oscar winner Sandra Bullock is said to be producing and leading the movie. Mark Millar and Greg Capullo will be the executive producer of the movie.

This movie revolves around the story of an 80 years old woman named Bonnie Black who died just to get reborn in a prime afterlife world Adystria. This is the world where good and evil are in fight with each other. In this waging eternal war she found her old friends, family and loved ones except her husband who died before her. This starts the journey of her in search of where her husband is.

Netflix and Bullock recently teamed up on Bird Box, which the streaming giant says been seen by more than 80M households, making it one of their biggest success stories. Netflix bought Millarworld, the comic book publishing firm founded by Millar, creator of characters and stories including Kick-Ass, Kingsman, and Old Man Logan, in 2017. Terms of the transaction weren’t disclosed. Netflix said at the time that it would it develop films, TV shows, and kids’ series based on Millarworld’s portfolio of character franchises. News about “Reborn” was first reported by Deadline Hollywood.

It’s way, way too soon to get an inkling of whether or not Reborn will be successful. The Millarworld purchase is still young, so there’s no real frame of reference for its success rate. Netflix does have a strong incentive to ensure its Millar-inspired projects succeed, at least. Now that Netflix is either losing or cancelling future Marvel releases, it will have to rely more on originals to satisfy that superhero craving. If these do well, you might not feel quite so bad about Disney parting ways.


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