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The New Silk Road – China’s Move On The Western World

Silk Road China

The Silk Roads have existed for thousands of years, passing through many empires, kingdoms. The Silk Roads enriched the countries it passed through, transporting cultures, religions, languages, and of course material goods into societies across Europe, Asia, and Africa. Amongst all the silk roads the China’s legendary Silk Road was one of the wonders of the ancient world.

This silk route connected China with the western world. Created in the 2nd century BC this route lasted until the 14th century AD. There was a time when certain routes were unreachable or too dangerous to explore, but the regions through which the Silk Road passed were always accessible. After the closure of China’s ancient silk route, there haven’t been many silk routes in existence. Now, this trade route is being brought back to life!

The new Silk Road is indeed a vast undertaking and a demonstration of power and might. This plan is a testament to China’s grand plan – to dominate the modern world! Hundreds of billions of euros are flowing into new infrastructure – railway lines, harbors, street bridges, and tunnels in 65 different countries!!! The project is mammoth! It’s a project the likes of which the world has never seen.

From aggressive diplomacy to a debt trap policy, China is doing everything in its power to revive this trade route. Many countries, like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, and a few more, in dire need of money have already fallen into the Chinese debt trap. Pakistan, having already sold its sovereignty to China, is increasingly becoming a pawn in Chinese policy. From PoK to Gwadar port, a good portion of Pakistan is under the control of the Chinese Communist Party.

Although this is the trade route it also seriously endangers the national security of some countries. As this route passes through the region of Kashmir which was illegally occupied by Pakistan, it violates the territorial integrity of India. There are countries like Sri Lanka, Myanmar that was not able to withstand the Chinese pressure to join this new Silk Road.

The New Silk Road is forging ahead at a rapid pace. It’s even cutting through the world’s highest mountain ranges – the Karakorum highway in Pakistan is one such example. This highway is located on the Pakistan-China border. Although huge estimations were made about the increase in trade after this route, the road doesn’t seem to live up to its billing. The main reason for the failure of this route is Pakistan – which only exports a few raw materials, nothing else! 

Despite all this, piece-by-piece, bridge-by-bridge China is approaching its goal – direct access to the Arabian Sea!

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