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NGT asks Punjab forest conservator to probe, take action against those who axed 1,065 trees


NGT – The National Green Tribunal, the Council and regulation (FAR) has been instructed to Prime the Keeper of the Total of Forests (PCCF, the Head of Forest Force) “to review the complaint and to enhance educational activities related to the situation of the illegal logging in the territory of the Faridkot Sugar Co-operative Plants.

The last, according to a report from the State Department of Forestry, and the total number of 2,058 different species of trees that are on the sugar-mills, at the very least at 1 065 trees of life (in more than 50% of the total), has already been cut down. However, the 993, a full-grown tree, can be preserved if the action is taken. 

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The Green of the Court in which the environmentalists make the application, Kapil Arora, Jaskirat Singh of Ludhiana, and Gurpri His Chandbajah of Faridkot issued an order: “given this, the illegal dismissal of the 2,058 the trees on the territory of the Faridkot sugar mills Co-operative, Ltd., we are instructing the PCCF (Hoff), Punjab, to consider the complaint to enhance the educational situation, to ensure that the rule of law. The Chief Conservator of Forest’s use of facts to take the necessary measures to remedy the situation may be deemed necessary, including the actions of a person guilty of breaking the law. The application will be rejected.” 

 Out of a total of 2,058 different species of trees that are in the sugar factory’s premises, at the very least, at 1 065 trees of life (50% of the total) has already been cut down. 

Speaking to Amritpal Singh, Divisional forest officer (DFO) of the Ferozepur Woods, said, according to the latest assessment report and the tree of the computation that is performed within their office, a sum of 993 trees of different species and was maintained based on Faridkot sugar factory co-Operatives, which must be closed for more than a decade. 

“Last year, the proprietor of a sugar industry (which is run by the Sugarfed) was asked to survey the price of the trees are in an area of 136 hectares of land. We have informed them that 2,058 trees are a total prize of Rs 56 lakhs, while at the same time, as we have mentioned, in a letter to the Forestry sector does not permit them to cut up the green of the trees. However, these trees are not the property of and are located in the forest, so we had no other role to play in this respect was their (the mill owner’s decision to cut down the tree. Private companies are hired to cut out the wood using a competitive bidding process, ” the official said. 

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After an argument about the cutting down of trees, several non-governmental organizations and the green activists began to protest in the area to save the tree, which used to be a house, a couple of birds and animals. 

A calculation was made, which showed that at least 993 trees can still be saved. He said several species, the skim, the carrier, and the full-grown trees, such as mango, Jamun, Shisham, drek, and Kakkar, were found.

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