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Nicotex “ICanYouCan” Campaign: Let’s Quit Smoking

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Nicotex and Viu have partnered under name icanyoucan to help smokers in quitting smoking with a little adventure. Word a little may be not good for this adventure because it include Mount Everest. BBC India will broadcast this adventurous series “icanyoucan”. The announcement of this 6 episode series was made on Friday. This series is made to inspire people on quitting smoking. Series will be live on Sunday, December 17, 2017.

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About icanyoucan Series

Milind Soman, an actor, model and athlete, will host the “icanyoucan” series. Basically the series is a showcase of 6 people’s journey to the Everest. But their problem is not only hiking the Everest but also quitting the smoking. Three of them have already quit smoking and other 3 will try to quit. Host Milind Soman is also a smoke quitter.

The journey will start from Kathmandu. From there they will go to their next checkpoint that is ‘Everest Base Camp’. Then they will start climbing Kala Patthar. This will build up a strong mindset into them that they can do it and same mind set will help them in quitting smoking.

Many people desire to quit smoking for their own or some time for loved ones. It may not be as high as the Everest but it is hard but not impossible. If other can climb it you can too, same for quitting. If other can quit than you can also quit smoking. This is all about the mindset of the people. Climber have struggle of climbing and smoker have struggle of quitting.

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