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NRI Vinod Khosla Fights Legal Battle to Prevent People from San Francisco Beach


San Francisco: Vinod Khosla tends to play long challenges at some of the startups he supports. Now, a billionaire businessman uses the same approach to another project: the legal battle for public access to his beach south of San Francisco.

Khosla believes he has the right to cross a single road to the beach in Martins Beach, a building he paid $ 32.5 million a decade ago. The law of the land states that the community owns all the coastline on the high seaside side. Khosla says he should not open his private land without compensation to allow him to cross over to the cove, which is covered with rocks and cannot reach other places without water.

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When it closed the gate in late 2009, surfers hit the waves at Martins Beach for decades. When he closed their access, a series of lawsuits followed.

Taking a firm and unpopular position is the Vine of the Vine. His ideas about accessing a public beach transcend the ordinary world of financial engagement and have made him a subject of widespread criticism. In the coming months, you will learn whether the US Supreme Court plans to take up the case.

Khosla’s appeal earlier this year to the world’s highest court raises the question of why, in the wake of the growing arrogance of technology companies, Khosla gives the public another reason to be angry with industry leaders.

“It’s the law, not whether the time is right,” Khosla said of the case during an interview. This is about injustice, and I do not tolerate injustice. “In a country based on the rule of law, infringing on property rights is not correct, he adds.

“You need a world-class, Johnny Cochran of PR,” Khosla said that with the help of a high-level counselor, he had recently met a person who would become an expert in public relations but decided to hire him.

Public relations do not usually have a motive, even if the situation affects a wealthy person who seems to be trampling on the happiness of ordinary people. Instead, Khosla’s decision to take the fight to the Supreme Court shows a man who loves to win and what he sees as fair play.

Khosla’s determination dates back to at least his early days in Silicon Valley. Hailing from Delhi, Khosla came to the US to earn a master’s degree in biomedical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. He then applied to Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, which he refused.

Determined to enter, Khosla appealed to the school authorities, first speaking kindly to the guards and then to a series of telephone calls to the head of the recruits, saying that he would replace any student who was not allowed to attend. Finally, he won admission two days before the start of classes.

When he started his unknown company in 2004, Khosla had spent almost two decades running for Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, known for its first investment at Inc. and Google. Along with his success there, as a sponsor of Juniper Networks, he made a name for himself as a capitalist with a particular style of involvement.

Some businessmen complain that Khosla enjoys making complex deals compared to other capitalists who work hard to measure their companies. Khosla does not agree at all, saying that he does not like to negotiate and balance himself by playing games. “I decide what is appropriate,” he said. “They can do it or not. I don’t go back and go out six times.” But he can be armed. Another businessman, who knew Khosla’s heavy reputation, came with red boxing gloves to show his determination to fight and raised the number; Khosla accepted it. He said that was because the proposed price was reasonable.

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