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ONLINE INTERNSHIP: A Learning Platform Like No Other

Online Internship

An internship can be considered as a job training program for Undergraduates or any beginner, in other words, an official program offered by an employer to potential employees. Experience is becoming a crucial factor in the job hunt. An experienced person has an edge over an inexperienced one. So, it strongly advised that before taking a job, an online internship always helps.

When we take a job, by then, our field is decided but one can consider taking internships in any field. To put it simply, An internship lets us flirt with different careers before we marry one! Like marriage, here too we get a certificate on completing an internship 😉

In the last two years or so, the awareness about internships has increased exponentially and the number of students and beginners enrolling for internship programs has enormously increased. Many companies are recruiting, for full-time jobs, only on the basis of experience that the applicant has in the field of their choice and not on their pointer or grades. This has led to a paradigm shift among students as well. Now more and more students are eager to start internships and perform well in those internships!

Before the breakdown novel Coronavirus, physical presence was necessary at every workplace. But with this unprecedented situation, the concept of WFH – Work From Home has boomed in popularity. Seeing this, online internships have also gained momentum.

Along with corporate firms, national governments have also started providing online internship opportunities in various industries. From the health sector to the defense sector, from the information technology industry to the electronics industry students from various fields have grabbed such opportunities.

Why is applying knowledge important?

Some of us really do love to read stuff, attend workshops, complete courses, go for training and all, but do we take time to apply this knowledge? It is really a great thing that we are trying to get all this information and knowledge, I mean it shows that you want to be a better person but the thing is it won‘t make a difference if you don’t try to apply that.

Here’s what you get when you apply knowledge:

  • Deeper understanding:

You might think you understand that theory in your head until you go practical. Then you realize that there is actually more to it than you had thought. You get to understand it better because there is something you can relate to while you apply that. It can be related to something in reality which opens up a completely different paradigm.

  • That information becomes a part of you:

The fact is, it is difficult to forget the knowledge that you apply, especially the one that you apply consistently. The consistent application moves the knowledge from your conscious mind into your subconscious mind. So now it is not just what we know rather it is what we do. If just read the stuff it remains in your head never in your action and you’ll never get to do anything tangible with that.

  • You enjoy its blessings:

There is a blessing that comes with every piece of knowledge acquired, it could be money, connections, a job, some opportunity, personal growth, and much other good stuff. You only get to enjoy its benefits when you apply them. It is said that no knowledge is wasted – true, but it is a total waste if you don’t apply it.

  • Experience and Exposure:

The consistent application brings about experience and exposure. The more you apply and make use of the knowledge the more you gain the experience into the totality and vastness of that knowledge. This, in turn, results in mastery, expertise, and specialty. Some knowledge applied time and over again is called a specialty of a person.

Knowledge is useless without consistent application.

                                                                                            ~ Julian hall

This quote reiterates the importance of applying what you have learned. If a student or a beginner only acquires knowledge but does not apply it then they won’t ever be able to master that subject. If we are not able to do it then there’s no point in just knowing things. It is like being just a critic – who knows the way but can’t drive the car.

Having stressed the importance of applying the knowledge learned, an internship is an ample opportunity for anyone to apply the knowledge. With internships being conducted in an online mode, anyone can enroll in multiple part-time internships.

Does Internship Certificate Mean Anything?

Besides the knowledge, the certificate which is provided at the end of the internship is very valuable. In the real world, word of mouth is not enough, thus this certificate acts as an attachment to what the applicants say. Thus, an internship certificate can help you in ways that you can’t think of! In many multinational companies, this certificate is given more importance than your marks sheet!

Advantages of An Online Internship:

  • As this is based on the concept of Work from Home it is flexible with respect to timings.
  • It enables the students to apply in any firm or company as physical presence is not expected. Hence, students can enroll in remote internships.
  • As everything is online a better track record of the works of interns can be kept, more transparency.
  • Interns can build a strong network in various countries by working for any multinational company.
  • Interns are paid more stipend as the internships are in online mode the firm for which they work doesn’t need to provide any infrastructure. Thus firms usually pay more, as a lot of money is saved because of less or zero infrastructure.

Thus, to conclude Online internship is something that has the potential to change the way in which every or any industry works. So for students, the concept of Online Internships could prove to be a revolutionary change – one good internship can change an entire life. After reading all this, one can only hope that it inspires more and more students, and students start looking for an online internship and aim to complete it with full responsibility.

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