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Online Learning—Strengths And Weakness

Online Learning


We all know that today all of us are facing and fighting against this threat i.e. COVID-19 pandemic for many months but till now the situation has not stabled completely due to which schools, colleges, or other educational institutions are closed today. But we cannot stop our life or studies. We have to keep going forward. For this, online education has to go for several months. But online learning has completely different from offline classes or learning. It is very difficult to manage everything with online learning but it doesn’t mean that online learning is not appropriate for students. Because like everything, it has also both advantages (Strengths) and disadvantages (Weaknesses). Does anyone know what are the benefits and demerits of E-learning? If no, then not to worry as I am going to discuss “Online Learning—Strengths And Weakness” in the below-mentioned context.

About The Topic

The strengths and weaknesses of online learning are mentioned below:-


  1. Anywhere:- The main advantage behind E-learning is that it allows students to participate in high-quality learning situations. Students can take part in or attend classes from anywhere in the world if provided with a computer and internet connection.
  2. Anytime, any pace:- In E-learning, the virtual classroom is accessible to the students 24 hours a day for the whole week. Time efficiency is one of the major advantages that online learning has brought. Asynchronous communication through an online learning platform makes it possible for professionals juggling work, family, and study schedules to take part in class discussions.
  3. Synergy:- E-learning provides a dynamic interaction between the instructor or teacher and the students and also the students among themselves. Resources and ideas are shared effectively and continuous synergy will be generated through an E-learning platform.


  1. Technology:- To make E-learning a successful medium, it must have all students who can access the online learning environment. Both students and faculties should have basic knowledge of computer handling to function successfully in E-learning. The technology used in online learning should be reliable.
  2. Students:- While E-learning is an appropriate medium of education for mature, self-disciplined students, it is proved to be an inappropriate method of learning for more dependable students.


From the above, we can conclude that E-learning has both strengths and weaknesses. But in this pandemic, we don’t have any option, so we need to cooperate with this online learning method so that we can step forward to success.



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