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Our Beloved Friendship


Friendship is the best relationship in the world. Actually, in every relationship, there is a friendship. It doesn’t have any limits. There is no condition in the friendship of blood relations, gender, caste, religion, skin color as well as money. But I would like to apply for a condition of trust between 2 people. Without trust friendship is meaningless.

Anything with whom you can share your joys and sorrows. And take care of your happiness. And you are also ready to help that person is called a friend. There is no measurement of Friendship. Actually, in every close relationship of brother-sister, mother-son, father-daughter,husband-wife there is a friendship. Friendship can be with an animal or maybe a plant you like to live with! Animals are also very good friends they can’t see the one who cares for them in mourning. A plant to whom you love you can talk anything; it will listen to it without any judgment of your statements. Friendship can be within countries or anything.

Everyone should have at least one friend in life. A life without a friend is like a death in life.” With friends, you can enjoy your life very much. Being with friends is a feeling of fulfillment.  In a Friendship, there should be trust, respect, understanding, and love for each other. Friendship grows due to caring, sharing, supporting. Friendship is a feeling of Whatever of mine is yours and yours is mine. Therefore it is said that there is no use of words like sorry and thank you in friendship.

There are no secrets to true friends. A friend in need is a friend indeed. One who is always there in your painfulness is a true friend. There are people who make friends for their purpose when it gets fulfilled they leave us. So we should be aware of such friends.

In this era of technology, Friendship is available online and a friend’s definition becomes “A person who sends or accepts your friend request is your friend.”  One friend in real life is always precious than Million friends on Facebook. A friend is your happiness, he always tries to remove your stress.

Friendships are relationships that involve two very critical dimensions – the interdependence and voluntary participation,” explains Northern Illinois University psychologist and friendship expert Dr. Suzanne Degges-White in an email interview. As anyone who’s ever been in a friendship knows, it’s a complex process and experience. “True friendships are hallmarked by each member’s desire to engage with the other – it’s about a mutual interest in one another’s experiences and thoughts, as well as a sense of ‘belongingness’ and connection,”





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