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Here, I am going to discuss a very general yet most concerned topic which is pollution. Is this term not sounding relative, in today’s era this word is so common as a child also somewhere heard about this word and they don’t need any special introduction that what is pollution?
So let’s explore this word by not taking it as this type of common because pollution is giving frightening results to us and will be in the path of becoming havoc.
In this article I am going to explain a basic introduction of Pollution, its types and adverse effects of pollution on human health as well as about its dangerous condition on the earth.

What is Pollution?

Pollution means introducing something into the environment which is dirty, unclean and may lead harm to the ecosystem. The word pollution comes from a word -‘Pollutant’ which means undesirable and harmful material. Pollutants can be natural as well as artificial(human-created).

Although pollution is as much as common in the present time that people accept it as a part of their daily lives and some of the population is not worrying about this side so much. As it just not becomes so widespread in today’s time but it is prevalent from us to Ancient times.

Types of Pollution

There are different-different types of pollution which are as follows-
⦁ Air Pollution
⦁ Water Pollution
⦁ Soil Pollution
⦁ Noise Pollution

Air Pollution:

People breathe this air. The result is that their lungs inhale these polluted gases within which causes so many lung diseases even leading to bronchitis, asthma, and tuberculosis. The rise in these diseases led the government to think and this led to this policy of converting these vehicles into CNG. Ever since this has been done the proportion of air pollution has largely decreased

Water Pollution:

Then there is water pollution. The water we drink is lifted from the rivers, stored, and then sent to us through pipelines. What is happening to these rivers? Those rivers which used to be called our ‘holy’ rivers Ganga and Yamuna receive all the sewage from the city drains and so large a quantity of this sewage is that the river is not able to carry it away. The river water gets all polluted with all the filth that falls into it and it is this water that is pumped to the city’s water tanks. Even the underground water is becoming polluted as the filth and garbage over the earth seeps down when it rains and the underground water also gets polluted.

All the lakes, ponds, and even the wells of today contain polluted water. The large scale industries which are growing in large numbers to meet the demands of the growing population send out effluents that fall in the rivers, lakes, and ponds and make their water unworthy of drinking.

Soil Pollution:

People are cutting down trees. This is because, more population, more need for fuel and timber. Trees emit oxygen by day which purifies the atmosphere loss of trees means the loss of oxygen the healthy gas.
Even too much use of fertilizers and pesticides in our farming process is also a cause of atmospheric pollution.
As we go around a town we find big heaps of garbage with all the rotting material.

Noise Pollution:

Noise pollution as we heard this name this definitely reminds us of those high volume DJs and speakers which sometimes affected our ears and that irritating voices and bases of Djs are enough examples of noise pollution. Noise is considered as environmental pollutant caused by household sources, social, industrial, and commercial activities, and transportation.

All this has been heaped by us we are responsible for it. But this rotting sends up gases which mix in the air and pollute the atmosphere. We get rid of the garbage from our homes but make the whole neighborhood polluted. The civic sense is lacking the civic authorities also are not able to make proper arrangements of garbage disposal.

Adverse Effects of Pollution on our health:

As pollution gives birth to the number of diseases which make humans ill and make people suffer for a long time or I can say lifetime.lets figure out the effects on different kinds of pollution-

⦁ Effects of Air Pollution

The increase of pollutants like nitrogen monoxide, burnt ashes, industrial fumes in the air can take many air related diseases with it for us. High levels of Air pollution can cause irritation in the eyes, ears, and nose, asthma, heart-related diseases like heart attack, and breathing problems.
like humans, animals can suffer from a number of health problems like birth defects, reproductive failure, and other diseases.
The ozone layer is also destroying to some extent.

⦁ Effects of Water Pollution

Water is the source of life and polluted water is a serious threat to humans, animals, and aquatic life.
The effects of water pollution depend on which chemicals are being dumped where. Nutrient pollution can cause toxic algal blooms in drinking water sources that create toxins that kill fish and other aquatic animals. The toxic chemicals present in the water can cause serious health problems in humans including neurological effects, stomach and liver illness, and rashes.

⦁ Effects of soil Pollution

Soil pollution has dangerous effects on humans, animals, microorganisms, and aquatic life. The contaminated soil and land can cause various problems on the skin, respiratory problems, and even different kinds of cancers.

⦁ Effects of Noise Pollution

Noise pollution can cause headaches, stress, anxiety, hearing loss, irritability, and sleep loss resulting in decreased productivity.

Pollution is the result of our mistakes and negligence in our environment. Everyone is entitled to clean air to breathe, water to drink, and public lands to enjoy. Please take responsibility for our environment and mother earth and in return, it will also take care of us.

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