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Process Making of Some Dry Spice Ingredients


Wondering about what the title is saying? Actually me too, but the fact is that I am going to share something interesting over here to try for you. Although India is the king of spice among the spices producing countries there is always a satisfaction that comes from trying new things or modifying old into a new one.

Well, here I am going to share the simple ingredients process of making, those ingredients are very very common on your daily use but I am sure most of the people are buying them from outside. Those ingredients are being used in most of the recipes which you cook every day. The ingredients names are-Ginger powder, Garlic powder, Onion Powder and Tomato Powder. These are very common forms of spices which we are using but yes when we want to use them we take them from the supermarket rather than making it at your home in an easy way.

1. Ginger Powder: Ginger powder is a very common ingredient that is used in your soups, masala, vegetable gravy, and in street food recipes.
How To Make:
⦁ First, take some ginger and peel its outer cover after washing it.
⦁ Now cut the possible thin slices of it and sundry it for 4-5 days.
⦁ Then, put the dried pieces into the jar and grind them until to make a fine powder.
⦁ That’s it your ginger powder is ready to use and you can store it for a long.

2.Garlic Powder: Used in different recipes and gives the authentic flavor to the soups and pizzas.
How to Make:
⦁ Peel the garlic cloves and chop them properly.
⦁ Now sundry them for at least 3-4 days and after that grind to make a fine powder.

3.Onion Powder: This also suits very well in the non-veg as well as vegetarian dishes.
How To Make:
⦁ Peel and wash the onions and cut thin slices of them.
⦁ Now sundry the slices for 5-6 days and then grind them to make powder.
⦁ Store and use the powder to increase the authenticity of your dishes.

4.Tomato Powder: This is a very well suited powder to ease your task to make tangy recipes for your children.
How To Make:
⦁ Wash the fresh tomatoes and blanch them in hot water for 30 sec.
⦁ Now cut the thin slices of them and sundry for 7-9 days.
⦁ Then Grind the dried pieces to make a fine powder and store them for longer use.

These are very basic yet effective ingredients process making that how can you make all the powder at your home without any hustle.

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