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READING-A Hobby Cum Passion


Reading is a skill as well as it’s an addiction. Those once are addicted then it is hard to get rid of this addiction. Reading is like something which keeps you busy as well as it makes you learn new things always. But not everyone likes to read but as we know there are tremendous benefits of reading so why we can’t read the stuff. There are some questions, especially which are arises in beginners mind like How to Start Reading? Why is it important to do the reading? What are the benefits of Reading? We read but not able to stay focused? Or We got bored easily? There are a number of questions like these and individuals can easily find the answers to these questions on the internet.
So I am starting with What to Read and how to Read the material that it not conclude always at the point of boredom. According to a survey, those are reading it has been found that the IQ level of those people is always high.
There are some important tips and points which you can find to yourself helpful at some instance-
Always find motivation especially beginners before start reading. Motivation helps to stay focused on reading and also increases your capability to challenge yourself each time.
Once you start reading, you will be bored easily after some time, So get rid of this problem I suggest you please read those stuff at the beginning those are based on your point of interest. For example, if you like Adventurous stories, political material, Suspension material so always take those books or materials based on this. It will helpful for you to keep stay connected.
Always take a diary and pen with yourself to write down those words whose meaning is not known to you, it will help you to enhance your vocabulary.
Sometimes it’s good to read aloud this will help your pronunciation and speaking practice.

Now, why we read? The answer to this question comes under the reading benefits-
Reading enhances your sentence formation, vocabulary, and helps you in speaking that language.
It is not recommended to directly jump into a novel or any hard kinds of stuff rather than this choice short stories and articles first.
Once you start reading the stuff, you will find books as your best friend.
Those who are reading articles, editorials, magazines, and newspapers are always updated with current affairs and market headings.
Reading is the same as we watch television but there is only one difference that we watch here in a virtual way.
Reading increases your thinking capability and your imagination level too.

I am not recommending any kind of stuff here to read because it will always differ from person to person and I think it’s a good practice to choose the materials of your own choices instead of copying someone. That’s all about some facts and figures about reading. I hope you will find it helpful to yourself.

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