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Are You a Real Entrepreneur or Just Acting Like One?

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An entrepreneur is the one who take decision independently and with risk if necessary. Not everyone around us is a risk taker but one with entrepreneurial spirit does take risk. Their thoughts are firm, free and flexible. These three F make them extraordinary between other. It is just like when we used to be a kid. We might have born in a free country but at that age our thoughts are not that free. Those are being controlled by our parents. We had friends, teachers and other relatives too but the one who decides to fire the gun or not were parents.

It was said that listening to your parents was a good habit, but when it comes to your future take decision on your own hand. It is not like, do not listen to them, it is about if their decision do not follow your goals then don’t follow them. There is time when you have to take decision on your hand that time you should learn to take risk. You are going to be independent and take everything on your own. You are breaking your comfort zone and going to challenge yourself. These things are sign of an entrepreneur.

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When you escape out from all those boundations, you will experience something new. You can learn many things from that. Not every time you fall by taking risk, they help you going farther. Risk taking becomes easier and a lot easier as you train yourself. But instead of taking risk and all, you choose to hold back in fear this will not do any good. You will never be able learn or achieve any new in life.

Many of youths are still living with their parents. Neither they are doing job nor studying. These people are wasting their time and their parent’s money. They will never understand the value of every single penny they are spending on useless stuffs until they know to earn that. This is the main problem with today’s entrepreneurial crowd. They just show off like they are leaders and do not follow other. But actually they are just a fake image of entrepreneur, they are digital clone. They are just following what they see on social media.

These young people who are afraid of not letting themselves out of their comfort zone and built false experience are nothing like entrepreneur. They just do is silly gigs and side hustle. They never have learned to take big step like leaving home, never done anything meaningful they are not entrepreneurs. Mr. Steve Tobak, author of Real Leader Don’t Follow, has given them a name: Entrepreneur Lite. They lack in having entrepreneurial skills and values.

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