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Reasons of Covid-19 Again Double Attack


The cases of covid-19 increase from the start of the winter season. The news channels again start showing the hyper increment in the cases of patients in each country, now again there is hype and tension in the population. As some of the country like Russia and Britan starts the vaccination process but in some countries vaccine is on trails and common people are still waiting for this good news.

In India, there is again a relentless spreading of covid-19 cases, especially in densely populated areas. Now again the government starts stressing about taking strict measures to stop the spreading growth of the new cases on daily basis. The contentment zones are especially on radars, there are only important facilities are allowed.14 days Quarantine period is being applied to those who travel from a far distance, the schools again close in the contentment zones.

There are some reasons that are behind of re-attack of covid 19 cases are as follows-

  • In India, Diwali is the biggest festival, and as the cases were less before the festive season. People were lenient on applying masks and maintaining social distancing. That is the reason that the spread of the virus is on the verge now.
    In some countries, people are not taking the proper measures and this is the cause of its re-attacking.
  • The school management and transportation systems were not maintaining the guidelines and norms as per the government and their leniency becomes the main cause of spreading the cases.
  • The season can also count as the cause of increment in covid 19 cases. As from when the winter starts the chances of cough and cold are high and from here the impact of covid 19 cases is also high.
  • As per the increment in the cases of covid patients, it can be observable that the increment is likely in winters. The UK has registered a more than 40 percent spike in the cases.

There can be other reasons behind the spreading also but major ones are already highlighted.

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