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How Can You Replace Plastic Items From Your Daily Lives

Replace plastic items

The plastic usage in our daily lives has increased to a great level. Everyone is aware of the threat that is posed by plastic items to our environment. A majority of the objects that are around you or that you are using, are made out of plastic. It sometimes feels like without these plastic items our daily lives wouldn’t function. Be it your toothbrush, bottles or any items of daily use, you just cannot stop using them. The best solution to this problem would be to look for alternatives which are made up of environment friendly substances. In this article we will look at some of the items you can replace which are friendlier to the environment and not made up of polluting plastic.

Reusable plastic bags: When you can’t just take out plastic from certain items, you can at least ensure that the plastic you use is reusable. One of the major contributors of pollution is the use of plastic bags. The best alternative to this is to use those bags which are reusable in nature and doesn’t need to be disposed after use. Some durable plastics can even undergo better bio degradation after dispose, as compared to the normal plastics that we use.

Eco-friendly toothbrush: One of the plastic items that is used for daily routines is the toothbrush. It is made out of plastic and requires a change after 3 months. At this rate the disposal of such items will be a cause for pollution. The Eco-friendly alternative of the toothbrush would be a one made out of bamboo. The bamboo toothbrush is completely biodegradable and can be used for 4 months. While disposing this toothbrush you wouldn’t have to hesitate a bit as it doesn’t cause any pollution.

Non-plastic bottles: A simple but effective alternative to plastic items is to switch from plastic bottles to the bottles made out of other materials. These bottles are usually made up of glass or steel which make it Eco-friendly in nature. Although the glass bottles have a tendency to break, the steel ones do not break. Moreover, some of the steel bottles provide insulation to the liquid inside it.


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