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Samsung Galaxy Fold: Are you ready to spend $2,000 for Samsung’s new foldable phone?

Samsung Galaxy Fold Are you ready to spend $2000 for Samsung's new foldable phone

Samsung has done what a year ago would have almost seemed impossible: The South Korean technology giant has managed to create all of the $1,000 tablets on the market sound economical. Well, almost. That is because the newest Galaxy Fold foldable device costs roughly two times as far as those other handsets, and we’re speaking about the price of the “entry” 4G LTE variant. You might need to take a mortgage out to pay for. 

In what is arguably the greatest understatement ever applied to a smartphone, Samsung executive Justin Denison branded the Galaxy Fold a “luxury” device. Actually, it may be shortchanging the Fold to pigeonhole it. Yes in its folded type it serves as one, with a 4.6-inch display that should allow you to do all the typical things that you do on an Android cellphone. 

 Though when you unfold it an activity made possible through a concealed, interlocking hinge system — it is converted to some 7.3-inch tablet with enough screen real estate to display and utilize three apps at once. No, this is not yesteryear’s flip telephone. 

 Accessible April 26, in four color options — green, black, blue and silver — that the Fold has six cameras and includes 512 GB of storage and 12GB of RAM. It’s got two different built-in batteries. And onstage at its Galaxy Unpacked press event in San Francisco, Samsung revealed how apps like Netflix or Google Maps viewed in “phone mode” can be expanded to take advantage of the bigger tablet screen. 

Judging how seamless this turns out to come later, when we get our hands on the device and put it through its proper testing. It is not too soon, though, to increase the question that has to be on many readers’ minds: Is Samsung likely to get any of you to come in the fold, awarded Galaxy Fold’s sticker shock? 

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