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Save Girl Child!


Every Daughter may not be a queen for her husband but she is a Princess for her father! I would like to add up she is a Princess for her father as well as her mother.

Then why there is a need to celebrate World Daughter’s Day?

But some people still think that a girl is inferior to a boy in the same family.  This day is just to remember those people to treat a boy and a girl alike.

A daughter like Sunita Williams spent four months conducting research and exploration aboard the orbiting laboratory. She landed in Kazakhstan on November 18, 2012, after spending 127 days in space. A girl can go to space then why some people still think that she can’t do anything. She is just born to be a wife and a mother; nothing more than that.

Some despicable people still doing female foeticide. After a son, they can accept a next boy child but a girl child after a daughter they never want. Not only in poor countries but in developed countries there are people who always prefer a girl child over a boy.  According to the Gallup survey 2018, 36 %of Americans prefer to have a son and only 28 % a daughter. Men are strong in their preference for a male child, 43% to 24%
Women have divided preferences: 31% want a girl; 30%, a boy.

Globally 6.2% of women are entrepreneurs own establish a business about two-third of the rate of men. Worldwide, 132 million girls are out of school. Only 66 percent of countries have achieved gender parity in primary education. At the secondary level, the gap widens: 45 percent of countries have achieved gender parity in lower secondary education, and 25 percent in upper secondary education.

Why there is such a big difference?  The violence with women makes them uncomfortable in this society. They’re a big need to tell people to treat a girl equal to a boy. For female foeticide, I read a quote saying “A life starts within a woman and ends being a woman.” But there is a need to stop it. Need to avail them a free sky to make them fly with their dreams. Every girl should always remember You can do whatever you want! Be that brave girl…There is a need to teach every daughter to fight against violence, injustice, and all the bad things. To make them strong. Daughters can keep the parent’s name to a great height with the help of her achievement. There is a need to allow her to learn. And small support needed to achieve her dream.

Please don’t say no to a girl child. One day She will be a woman and always keep in mind your life has started within a woman.



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