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How to Say “NO” to Your Boss

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It is not a good idea to say YES whenever someone from higher authority comes to you with tasks at work place. You have to learn to say NO but it is kind of hard. Not everyone is good at saying NO to others. This sometimes put you in problem. Sometimes you end up with tight schedule or sometimes you are beyond deadline. Some people even say YES just to impress someone that is also not good. You have to choose your words wisely.

So is it good to NO directly on the face of your Boss? Of course it is neither professional nor polite way to say. So there are some ways and situation we will talk on to politely and professionally walk away from that.

While You Are in Workload Already:

Sometime it happens when you are deep in the workload. You can’t decide what task to do first and what not to. Then suddenly Boss makes a call for you and gives you some task. Now you are wondering what just happened. In this situation you can’t say much but a Yes but you have another option too. Yes these is a professional and polite way to say that you can’t take another new task. To say that you just have to make them realize that how much you are in to work. What projects you are on already, time estimation to complete previous projects. You have to show whatever is in your plate.

The Strategy is of No Use:

Sometimes Boss approaches you with a project and a strategy to get it done. After hearing that you think, “Is it really possible to go that way on this? No this is not going to work.” Then all you to do is keep those words in your mind. Never go with these kind of sentences to your Boss. Instead of going that way you go with, “Can I put another idea here?” By saying this you are dividing the path into two, “Yes” and “Not”. Most of the time your Boss will say “Yes”. Then just shoot what you are thinking about for the project. If your Boss says “Not”, then try this, “Sorry, but I really have a serious concern to tell here.”

Open and Shut Case

One feel sometimes that maybe it is not good time pick new work. But it is a festival time or staff shortage is there and Boss told you to do something more. Some work that do not lie in you territory. After hearing that you are like “Why someone else can do it? Why me in this whole office?” So don’t worry buddy, you are good. Just go and on place of that big NO just say Sure. A word that sounds positive but feelings behind it isn’t. But sometime you have to say yes. You can’t say no every time.

Fact is when you start saying ‘NO’ often or for some points then you are taken as inactive team player. No one at your workplace will like to work with you. Bad thing that will happen is that you will damage your image. Other employees will think that you are above them and this breaks the work spirit of others. So saying ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ are not such big deal but don’t make it a habit of yours.

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