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The Scientists Who Made A Difference To Our Lives


If not for science, a world wouldn’t be a place as it is now. Revolutionary discoveries and innovations have transformed our lives for the better. Some of the most popular discoveries are attributed to a few distinguished scientists. Based on the knowledge provided through the theories and experiments performed by them, we have been able to achieve great scientific advancements in different fields. Be it digital technology or mechanical technology, it is possible due to the knowledge we have gained from their theories. In this article, we will have a look at some of the scientists who have had an impact on our lives today.

  • Sir Isaac Newton: Sir Isaac Newton was a scientist from the middle ages and is credited with the discovery of the gravitational force of the Earth. He gave the three laws of motion which are still applicable to this date. The operations of calculus and the laws of mechanics are attributed to him. He also justified the orbit of the planets around the Sun through his laws of gravity. His discoveries took us from the middle ages to the modern age.
  • Albert Einstein: The famous energy equation that Einstein gave is synonymous with his name. His theories of relativity that is the General Theory of Relativity and the Special Theory of Relativity have a great impact and significance in solving the mysteries of the universe. Apart from the theories of relativity, he also gave the Unified Field Theory and the Quantum Theory. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 for the theories he published. His contribution has certainly opened up the possibilities of greater discoveries.
  • Nicola Tesla: The name Tesla is now famous for the Elon Musk owned company Tesla Motors. But the contribution that Nicola Tesla had to our lives is invaluable. The very electricity that our devices and appliances operate on is because of Nicola Tesla. He is credited with the discovery of the Alternating Current and the Electric Motor. Modern electricity is based on the use of  Alternating Current. He also made the transistor which finds an application in all our devices. He also developed the remote control which is used in many appliances.

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