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SmartPhone- How It Effecting Us


Technology has explored itself in a vast way in the last few decades. The more technology will grow the more dependent us on it. In the present scenario, no one is untouched by its benefits, we are so habitual to use its gadgets for our day-to-day tasks and there is no harm in using them because that is the reason for the existence of technology. Technology’s motto is to help humans by ease their task. There are one very famous gadgets of technology and everyone owes it and after some time we have habitual of this, the gadget is-“Smartphone”.

The smartphone is the most prominent gadget of technology and without it, no one can imagine their lives in this era. Smartphone gives us almost all those facilities that we are hoping for. The smartphone is like our best friend and people are ignoring the other people around us and keeps us busy with our personal phones.

As there are always two perspectives of everything -Negative or Positive. So, if I highlight here the positive perspective of smartphones. The smartphone comes into our lives to help us and ease those tasks which are almost impossible in the last two decades but now it is possible. We can talk to our contacts either voice call or video call, message them, we can also know the update of every corner of the world in just a few seconds. Laptops and smartphones are being such a great helper during this covid pandemic, the pandemic the dependability of humans on smartphones increases to a great extent. People have been doing webinars, conference meetings, online classes, training all with the help of the internet, and smartphones. Online things are much easier and cheaper than in offline modes. Overall smartphones are a great helper to humans and everyone uses them according to their needs. Learning anything at your doorstep becomes so easy with the help of these smartphones.

If I talk about the consequences of using smartphones then it can be easily visible that it actually wasting our time than benefiting it. Social Media plays a very important role in destroying the youth’s life. Today’s youth is so busy with social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube,tik-tok, and so on. Most of the youths are busy using these apps which cannot benefit them in any way, there is a vast exploration and advertisement of the tik-tok since last year almost every 10th youth is busy in making shitty videos on tik-toks and giving wrong inspiration to our younger ones. People can use the technology for their benefit but instead of learning something new, they focused on completing useless challenges on social media. The rumors on social media are spreading at a rapid rate and gives birth to much violence.

Where youths can innovate something new by learning some skills but rather doing this they keep busy themselves in PUBG like games and other useless stuff. In the present generation, we spend more amount of time on a smartphone doing nothing but simply chatting. But, chatting with our friends is not wrong, but on the phone for a long time is something that should not happen. Our own family is also equally important. But if the boon is made to good use, the outcomes are extraordinary. It is not completely necessary to be present on social media for a long number of hours. It is a part of our life, It is not our complete life. The GIFT of technology is being transformed into a CURSE by our own selves. I also think that most of our parents have been scolding us for the large usage of smartphones. From their point of view, they are actually right. It is more important for us to socialize with our parents than socializing on social media. My point is not to completely avoid social media, but to make better use of it.

Smartphones have taken the most important part of our lives. How many of today’s generation are ready to put their phones in switch off mode for a week. Maybe only 15-20% or maybe less than this because the reason behind our degrading behavior and not socialize with other people around us is only ourselves.No one can come into your life and told to do so. It’s our responsibility to control ourselves and our loved ones. But there is a common problem which has to get to see is that parents are the first ones to introduce games and other features to their children. So how can we blame only ourselves?

If I highlight the disadvantages of using smartphones for your small kids, there is a long list of it because I personally think that we have to use smartphones as a gadget that should only use, when it needs to be. I mean why we are giving them the freedom to use that them, they are small and raw members of the world so they need to go outside and enjoy their precious time playing outside instead of eyeing the screen of the phones which has a big harmful effect on their body.

There are some ways that really help you to change your habit of less use of smartphones in your daily life if you once stuck with these small activities-

SET LIMIT ON YOUR PHONES:-Yes, this is a practical way to stop wasting our whole time on our phones for doing nothing instead of using it for our entertainment. There are varieties of apps are available in the play store to set the user limit of your phones and after then you receive warnings for using phones.
TRY TO USE ONLY ONE SOCIAL MEDIA APP:-This is the best practice to control yourself, like trying to use only one social media app for your entertainment it really helps you to save your time. You can choose your personal favorite social media app like FaceBook, Instagram, Snapchat, Hike Messanger, etc.
INSTALL AN APP WHICH TELLS YOUR HOBBY:-Here we can actually do something which is really helpful for us to make positive use of phones. Like if you like photography and editing you can use your time for achieving your hobbies if you like reading then install reading apps where you can read a number of different books and now we have the option of audiobooks also.

Below is detailed disadvantages of using smartphones-

Not everyone wastes their precious time on social time some people are really doing well with the use of these gadgets. So you will make yourself or destroy yourself with these gadgets.

There is no fault of that Gadget, every gadget is created only with a good purpose and it only aims to ease the living of human beings but the use and misuse only depend on Humans. The result of everything will depend on us and how we use those they will make us or break us on the basis of their use.

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