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Solange Goes on An Exploration of Origin With ‘When I Get Home’

Solange Goes

Two-and-a-half years after the launch of the Seat At The Table, Solange shares her Sur-prise CQ record Whenever I Get Home. About Solange’s fourth full-length record since her 2002 debut, Solo Star, the celebrity chooses listeners in an “exploration of origin” across 1-9 tracks and a film meshing with each other static R&B, funk, Zydeco, and midnight. To follow the release, Solange declared nine “record occasions” in her hometown of Houston, all taking place on March 3.

Solange Goes on An Exploration of Origin With ‘When I Get Home’

The 32-year-old artist shared images and snippets of online video clip depicting contrasting issues with Southern black lifestyle, presented in her signature, at the same time avant-garde and downhome demeanor; chromed-out cowboy hats paired together with bustiers, cornrowed black beauties, vintage Cadillacs, perfectly laid and purposely wack wigs, strippers busting splits on the rod, cowboys waiting around the rails of the bullpen.

Solange took to Twitter to thank her fans, writing: “Y’all! I’m filled w so much joy right now!!! Wow! I can’t thank y’all enough for this moment and for all the feelings i feel in my body! I’m bringing home w me everywhere I go yalll and I ain’t running from shit no more.”

When I Get House is, at face value, an undeniable ode to Solange’s personal hometown of Houston,” Tx., at which it had been listed alongside a lengthy list of notable collaborators. Keeping the Topic Houston-as-hell, samples onto the album include Devin The Dude, Scarface, and Mike Jones. Other contributions in this album include Tyler, The Creator (“Down with The Clique”), Cassie (“Way On Your Show”) TheDream (“Binz”), Gucci Mane (“My Skin My Emblem”) and more.

The slow burn of Solange’s past record, A Seat At The Table, included a months-long, festival-hopping world-tour using a grandiose point design inspired from the legendary sets of Earth, Wind

& Fire, a commemorative publication, and earning numerous accolades and awards. Away of impressions, there would seem very little reason to anticipate any less! When I Buy House.

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