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Some Unknown Benefits of Eating Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

seasonal fruits and vegetables

Winter season is about to come and this time the market is full of seasonal fruits and vegetables. It is always recommendable to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables for maintaining a good and balanced diet. If you are fond of maintaining a fit body and health then this article is for you because here some unknown facts and benefits of Radish will be highlighted.

Radish is always the most eaten vegetable during winters, which most of the majority used only for salads and pickles. Some people like Radish because of its taste but only some of the population will know about its benefits and properties. So let’s explore some of its benefits.
Radish is the vegetable that you should just include on your diet during winters on daily basis. Because it helps you to maintain your health and protect your body from diseases.

Some benefits of Radish are-

It increases Immunity:-Radish is a rich source of Vitamin C and it helps you to protect from cold and cough. It also helps to boost your immune system and helps in reducing swelling of the body.
It controls Blood Pressure:Radish contains potassium in it which helps in controlling Blood pressure and reduces the chances of Hypertension.
Source of Fiber:-If you are searching a food full of fibers then you must opt for radish for your diet because it is a good source of fiber also, and helps in digestion and protect your gall bladder.
Increases Metabolism:-Radish does not only help in digestion while it also helps to control acidity, fats, and other stomach related problems.
Good for Skin:-For beautiful and glowing skin you should have to drink Radish juice because it contains phosphorous and vitamin C which helps to reduce dandruff, acne problems. It also helps to strengthen the hair roots.

Radish is a simple looking vegetable but it is full of nutrients. Red radish is full of power pack nutrients like vitamins A, C, E, B6, and K.It is also contains antioxidants, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and phosphorous. These nutrients help to make our bodies healthy and strong.

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