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Sophie Gradon Death Mystery: Family Insisted Not to Look it as Suicide

Sophie Gradon Death Mystery

Sophie, who appeared in the 2016 series of the show, tragically died last June aged just 32, with her body found by Northumbria Police at her parents’ home. The inquest into her death was due to open this week but Northumberland Coroner’s Court has cancelled a hearing regarding her passing.

Sophie Gradon Death Mystery

The reality star’s family have been adamant she didn’t take her own life, after reports of depression and financial worries emerged after her death last year.

It has also been suggested the family have requested an adjournment due to evidence they think is still on Sophie’s iPhone.

Her mum, Deborah, tweeted last month: “As the heartbroken Mother of #SophieGradon we are still waiting for an inquest date 8 months after her unexplained death.

“Why? Because the Police cannot open her iPhone for data extraction.”

The Mail Online reports she said: “There is nothing to support the suggestion that Sophie committed suicide.

“The truth will come out. It won’t bring her back. But i want the truth to come out for her.

“If she didn’t take her life which i don’t personally believe she did. She would want her parents to know that 100%.”

A Northumbria Police spokesman said: “It remains a non-suspicious death and that hasn’t changed since we first confirmed it.

“We have kept the family updated with any enquiries we carried out as we would with any sudden death.”

In a tragic twist Mr Armstrong, 25, was found dead just 20 days later, with the inquest into his death set to take place tomorrow.

He had revealed her death at just 32 years old on Facebook, writing “I will never forget that smile I love you so so much baby your my world forever ever and always.”

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