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‘Space Jam 2’ will be released in July 2021

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space jam 2

We don’t have a ton of details just yet, however we do have a launch date for its long-awaited ‘Space Jam 2’, which is in theatres on July 16, 2021, a mere 21/2 decades away, Spring Hill Entertainment announced on Thursday. LeBron James, who co-founded of Spring Hill Entertainment with Maverick Carter, will star in the sequel to the 1996 Michael Jordan film, but the remainder of the cast has to date been kept under wraps. The actor listed on IMDB for example aside from James is Eric Bauza, who voices Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.

SpringHill Entertainment, A tweet from the production of the 34-year-old NBA superstar company, read: ‘July 16, 2021, #SaveTheDate,’ with emojis of a basketball, a camera, and a carrot. The sequel to the 1996 movie that starred Michael Jordan will comprise the Los Angeles Lakers’ star in the lead role, Terence Nance from the director’s seat and Ryan Coogler of Black Panther to create.

‘Space Jam 2

James formerly had lauded Coogler for his work on Black Panther, saying that he ‘loved his vision’ for the movie, and punishes him for helping solidify a black superhero personality, he said he didn’t grow up with as a child. ‘For Ryan to be able to bring that for kids, it’s amazing,’ the NBA superstar told The Hollywood Reporter. ‘The Space Jam collaboration is me and the Looney Tunes getting together and doing this movie.

‘It is so much larger. I would just love to comprehend how empowered if they don’t just give up on their dreams, they could be and how empowered they can feel. And I think Ryan did that.’ The first incarnation of this Space Jam was released and took from the nations around the world, with over $90 million at more than $230 million.

It featured Theresa Randle and celebrities Wayne Knight at a partially-animated motion picture featuring Looney Tunes characters starred Jordan. The Joe Pytka-directed film was choc with

cameos from NBA icons including Patrick Ewing, Larry Bird, Alonzo Mourning, and Charles Barkley. James, who’s in the first year of a 154 million deal with the Los Angeles Lakers, has been dipping his feet in the Hollywood waters as he settles into Southern California. He’s played with himself in a 2009 installment of the HBO series Entourage as well as the 2015 Amy Schumer humor Trainwreck.

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