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Strategies to Bootstrap Startup to Success

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Numbers of startups are increasing nowadays in every country. Country like US, Israel, France, India and Brazil are now countries increasingly making new startups. But they are not into the mood of making VC’s for their startups. These venture capitals are best to fund new raising startups but bootstrap is still in play. People can still bootstrap their startup. There are several strategies in game that you can actually use to boost your startup.

Bootstrapping gives you freedom of running the business on your own terms. You will be free from VC’s limits. Yes your investors sometime blocks the way you works. They draw some lines on “how to work” as per their interest in your business. Bootstrap do not blocks your or teams imagination. Everyone can work with no limits to thinking. No need to wait for the approval of VC to give green light to you ideas.

Let’s talk about the strategies you reading this article for.

Beseech the Power of Community

Community, whether it is online or local, is very powerful tool you can work with for your startup. It depends on what type of business you are in. It works when you target relative group of people. Like when one is into the business related to gaming, should organize webinar or local game events. This will promote the business in right people. Targeting little but related audience is always better than targeting large number of audience. Make little frequent engagement or interacting sessions with your community. Hammer your idea of business in them.

Bootstrap with Social Media Platforms

Bootstrapping in business is necessary but social media and strategies have same level of priorities. Social Media sites help in building more engagements to your business. There are many businesses that have bootstrapped through the social media. But not only social media you have to take care of the content too. The main idea here is that you should always be engagement with your audience. But not only social media also increase impression on your website. Write attractive and audience oriented content and publish them on sites like REDDIT or APSTER.

Theory of Relativity

No, we are not here to give you a science lesson. This relativity is regarding bootstrap of startup. Yes, we are talking that whatever you do, I should be related to your business. Making post on social media, assembling a seminar or webinar or conducting any event, all must be related to your business. If you are in a business of making cool gadget but conducting seminar about art/ painting, it is in vain. This will always be vain because you are not connecting with right audience. And not targeting right audience is like neglecting the first point here.

Same happens when it comes to content. As according to your business, different age groups are targeted with different strategy. If your business is oriented around generation Z, try to target them with digital media. Now if millennial generation is your audiences then target them through social media and TV ads.

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