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Sudeep Audio: A Musical Story of a Little Studio Who Made Soul of Indian Television and Cinema

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What is that made this small music studio a part of Indian television and cinema? Where does this story start? How they were able to make that remarkable audio that still rings in our ear? All these questions are going to be explained here in this story life of Sudeep Audio.

Just like a normal music studio, set up in September 23, 1977, was on the second floor of Mehta Family. Mr. Aditya Mehta, an entrepreneur, owner of that house in Andheri suburb of Mumbai, was found of Sudeep Audio. In 1970 if you were trying making career in music or wanting to be a composer or musician, you would have step in this studio. Here the word Sudeep is a Hindi word that means Pure Light. This startup was vision of Mr. Nikhil Mehta to offer a music studio with affordable price and with well and quality equipment in those days.

Their Work

“There were two draws to record at Nikhil Bhai’s Studio, one was Nikhil’s mastery ove ‘running punch’ and another was their Puri-Bhaji” says musician Uttank Vora, music director of popular tv shows like Sarabhai vs Sarabhai and Khichdi. Nobody was able to insert able to insert the running punch like him into magnetic tape and saves musician time. One day Nikhil’s friend who was out of town connected with him. He told him that he wanted to record album with a record studio in Mumbai. This was the opportunity that Nikhil grabbed and hired or borrowed some new equipment from Dubai at 350 percent of duty charge back then that is 18-40 percent now.

After this the remaining was to spread the fire in the jungle that there is a music startup in the town at affordable price and new equipment. Another task that studio took was from late Kishori Mehta, mother of Sunil, as producer of several Gujrati albums. Major one was first ever Bhagawad Geeta series narrated by Harish Bhimani and sung by Kavita Krishnamurthy and many other.

Middle Time

In 1980, studio done some great recordings like Amil Palekar’s Kachchi Dhoop, Chandraprakash Dwivedi’s Chanakya , remixes by Nandoo Bhende and Lesle Lewis, Anuradha Paudwal’s album and some others.

Aditya recalls, “On Sundays, if there is any recording, everyone (musicians too) come to home first and watch Mahabharat, while mother used to cook food for all.” Rajat Dholakia, a national award winner says “It was that homely feeling that relaxed us.” Rajat stated visiting studio in 1982 when he was working on a cult film Om Dar Ba Dar.

After these when Nikhil thought of retirement, he moved the entire thing to Ahamdabad but it did not stop him from working. He recorded two Gujrati folk artist, who played Daklu (a khanjeera kind of instrument) and Bhugal (a piped instrument with no hole).

Sudeep Audio: One of First Music Portal

Aditya who after completion of his degree tried few jobs out there but at last moved toward their family business. In 2003, he started on music portal, one of the first in its kind in India. It sells pro music equipment and distribute original sound track and plugins.

“Moreover, on every software you purchase (price value Rs. 10,000 or more), we make a donation on YOUR behalf to the needy via our charity partner, GiveIndia. The donation causes change every month, and you get a choice to select a cause close to your heart. Buying original software not only makes you a proud owner of the products, but helps you make a difference to the lives of the needy as well.”

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