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When Tech Giants Have To Face Failure

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Each Year different companies come with different tech products. Some are cool, that impresses the audience and some are not. It is a normal thing when small tech companies get failed in delivering good product. But when some big name does that mistake it makes sounds, really big sound. There are several good examples when these giants have to face failure.

Apple’s iPhone X Face ID:

A recent failure example is from one of the biggest tech giant, Apple. Apple introduced Face ID in its 10th anniversary model iPhone X. This glitch first appeared when Apple’s SVP of software Engineering, Craig Federighi, could not unlock the device with Face ID. Whether it was not the first time when Apple made mistake on stage but it is not a small bug. This is a whole technology failure. People around the globe have also faced the same problem. Some time it gets unlocked by someone with little similar face. And some time it couldn’t unlock via registered face. Media have raised questions on Security and Privacy.

Google Glass:

Every year Google comes with something new, something awesome. With bunch of new technology each time, people make higher expectations from it. Recently Google introduces Google Glass that is one of its coolest gadgets ever. One of the main concerns was Safety/ Privacy and Health issues. It is a device that is emitting radiation so close to your head. What else one need to concern about? Also its camera can be recording and clicking photos anytime. So you can’t guarantee your privacy. Also wearing an unattractive device in a crowd is not always a good option with that price.

Battery Fault in Samsung Galaxy Note 7:

Samsung is one of the leading smart phone manufacturers. This name got criticized when its dream phone Galaxy Note 7 started exploding. Yes, explosion in the phone. According to the Samsung there were 2 faults in battery related to the electrode that was causing this problem. There was no explanation from Samsung just after these events but now it has revealed the cause. This incident even happened with a phone on Airplane while it was in switch-off state. When Samsung found out that this problem is caused from both its battery manufacturer Samsung stopped Note 7 manufacturing entirely.

Microsoft Lumia is a Failure too:

From one of the major mobile manufacturers, Nokia and Tech giant Microsoft, came a failed product, Lumia. It was phone that runs on Windows Operating System. Launched with Lumia 710 and 800, those were based on win 7 were little success. As Win-10 was introduced in Lumia series, the sale graph fell so drastically. It was in 2016 when they stopped the manufacturing process. In October 2017, Microsoft confirmed that they will not manufacture Lumia anymore.

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