Technology-A Boon or Curse

Technology- A Boon or Curse

TECHNOLOGY-A Curse or Boon.

Today’s era is the era of technology, no one can think to live now without the use of technology. Like we are massively dependent on the use of technology. Technology plays a vital role in our daily lives like we use technology for communication, for education, for entertainment, for medical, and so on.
There is the extensive use of technology is almost in every field and especially from when the Covid-19 virus attacked us from then our dependency on technology has increased. So in this article, I will discuss some points that what technology is? what are its uses? How many types of technology is present with us? what are the benefits of technology? what are the disadvantages of technology?

What is Technology?

Technology is something that is created for the welfare of society and humankind by applying the principles of science. Or in simple words, technology symbolizes the advancement of Human knowledge, and man is considered as the creator.
and we have to accept the fact that our modern life is unthinkable without science and technology.
For example- Let’s think of any field where you can easily find the use of technology there, maybe online education which is currently ruling the situation and saves the education of children in this tough time.

Use of technology:

As I said that we are using technology in every field. Some of the fields are-
Communication: For communicating with another person as on mobile or laptop we depend on the technology and network.With the help of technology we can easily interact with the person through video calls, voice calls, SMS, online meetings, etc.
Information Security: We use technology for saving our other technology as companies hire ethical hackers to protect and save their confidential, we use simple mobile lock-patterns for protecting our data from others, and so on.
Education: In the educational field we are highly relying on the usage of technology. For Ex- for studying in online classes, for reading books and magazines. Even some of the students and teachers have done their tasks by using technology.
Defense and Army: There are so many gadgets available in the Army for protecting and having surveillance at our country borders for the protection of our soldiers and country.
There are so many others uses as well but not all will be discussed on a single page.

Types Of Technology:

As everyone considers the technology as of single type but no in actual technology is divided into some types which are-
Information Technology, Creative Technology, Industrial Technology, and many more.

Information Technology

It includes the use of computers and telecommunication to send, receive, and store information.
For example, the Internet.
Industrial Technology
In industrial technology, the technology used here to manufacture the machines in the engineering and manufacturing fields.

Creative Technology

In creative technology, the technology used for designing arts, architect and 3D printing materials, computer graphics, etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology:

As for many years, the topic “Technology-a boon or curse” became a topic of debate for many scientists, and no one able to find out the actual side of this.
so now discuss some good and bad points of technology over here to find out what is suitable for whom.


The main moto of the technology to serve the facilities for the welfare of humankind.
Just look around your Fan, Refrigerator, Computer, Mobile, smartwatches, and many more. These all are a way of ease the human task and feel them relax and updated.
Technology is beneficial for us to stay connected and doing all our works without getting affected from out is going on outside.

With the help of technology a student can learn anything from home or will try to explore the world with his innovative skills, A person can connect with their loved ones with the help of mobile and laptop. So there are tremendous opportunities in front of you to do with the help of technological gadgets.


On the other hand, the evolution of modern technology has some disadvantages-
This technology is somewhere diminishing human relations. As online social networking increasingly replaces real face- to -face and physical contact, as well as problems such as cybercrime, online stalking is increasing. Humans are social animals, so a lack of physical contact could lead to depression and anxiety.

Second is that we are increasing our dependency on technology, such as hospitals, airlines, education, etc. Humans would be almost helpless if the technology was taken away from overnight.

People waste their valuable time on social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok by using it most of the time.

Therefore, it depends on us that how we use technology for ourselves. The technology works both as Boon or Curse according to our using it. Like human-invented technology of Atom Bomb for their security but when it is used for harming the other humans then technology will definitely come out as Curse. So how to use technology is depends on us.

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