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The African Savanna – A wildlife paradise

African Savanna

The African Savanna, a diverse land, where you can find numerous species of flora and fauna. From herbivores to carnivores to reptiles, you can find all kinds of animals over there. The best part is that the temperatures remain warm throughout the year with a seasonal rainfall pattern.

The food chain in the African savanna is also pretty complex. All the animals residing in the area more or less find their food. The herbivores, like the elephant, zebra, springboks, giraffe, and others, find a great meal in the short grass which is spread out through the savanna whereas the carnivores, like the lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, and others, prefer eating the small herbivore animals. This interdependence forms a complex food web or food chain with birds and reptiles and other species being a part of it.

Talking about the star attractions of the place, we know that the African Lion many others are on the checklist of many tourists and travelers. This land has many unique animals that are not found naturally in any other part of the globe. Animals like zebra, giraffe, hyena, cheetah, and the springbok are unique to this place. Apart from the animals, the African savanna has a lot of insects too. There are about 1000 different varieties of termites present in these grasslands. You can find them in those reasonably sized sand-like hills spread out all over the fields.

What makes this place even more thriving is the fact that there are water sources like ponds, lakes, and rivers spread out throughout the area. But in the year 2015, Southern Africa was hit by a severe drought that lasted for several months. This left the grasslands to dirt and dry dust. After the rains returned, and things became normal, some researchers and scientists pointed out that the lands and grass of the savanna had become more fertile and better in quality. This in turn will benefit the animals that consume the grass and can benefit the entire food chain and web. Hence the savanna which all of us love to visit and see will remain there with increasing diversity in flora and fauna.

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