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Three Identical Strangers: A CNN Documentary Scratching History

Three Identical Strangers

This is a story that is bigger than that is been shown in newspapers and televisions. ‘Three Identical Strangers’ is a documentary directed by Tim Wardle under CNN Films banner. This film is about a set of triplets who were separated with intention of making them test subjects of secret scientific research. The documentary and reaction on its release both are unexpected twist.

All the incidents took place in mid-19th century. French scientist Claude Bernard admonished his fellow investigators never to do an experiment that might harm a single person, even if the result would be highly advantageous to science and the health of others. Yet despite Bernard’s admonition, the next century was replete with experiments that put orphans, prisoners, minorities and other vulnerable populations at risk for the sake of scientific discovery. Medical progress often came at too high a human cost, something the CNN documentary exposes.

Who are Three Identical Strangers?

Bobby Shafran, David Kellman, and Eddy Galland were born in 1961 at Hillside Hospital in Glen Oaks, NY to a teenage mother who gave them up for adoption. All three boys were adopted at age of 6 month and got split up but coincidently they were in 100miles radius to each other. They were unaware of each other until age of 19 when their friends connected them.

What happened and how did they find each other?

Back in 1980, Robert Shafran, 19 was a student at Sullivan County Community College in New York for his freshman year and was bowled over by his reception, people seemingly knew him! Students greeted him warmly and called him Eddy.

Bewildered, Shafran was told by a student, Michael Domnitz, that he had an identical twin. Cut to phone calls and a frantic drive to find this Eddy, the two met in an emotional reunion that shocked both sets of parents.

The story doesn’t end there. The news of this hit the papers and the other identical triplet, David Kellman, was alerted by his mother Claire Kellman, who gave interviews and also learned about the other brothers from Louise Wise Services.

Louise Wise was in full damage control at this point, hiding files and not giving up any intel on the psyche experiments the triplets underwent.

The History and Past of Three Identical Strangers

This documentary covers both the bright part of the story as well as the dark side of the story. All three babies were separated by the doctor Neubauer to study psychological behavior of twins and triplets. Doctor wanted adoption agency to give these babies to parents with different economic and educational background. He wanted to know how Nature and Nurture affect these identical human being (test subject for him).

Present of Three Identical Strangers

In 1995, Galland, boy with bipolar disorder committed suicide with a gun in his own house in Maplewood, NJ. Today, Shafran is a lawyer in New York City and Kellman is an insurance agent and lives in New Jersey. Through an attorney, the remaining siblings eventually gained access to the shelved research files at Yale.


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