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Must Read Books for Entrepreneurs

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Once someone said that books are man’s best friend in every stage of life and same apply in business. If you are looking for some inspiration, motivation, guidance or ideas, books are the best thing here you can rely on for all these. Because you are what you read, every goal you want can be found in the books, about them, idea’s beginning and other things.

After hearing all these and that people trust books more than the human being we made a list for all those people to give their business a big shot.

Outside Insight by John Lyseggen

When you are looking for what is the thing that is going in wrong direction in your company and affecting the growth, Outside Insight will help you here. A book by John Lyseggen, in this book he has enlightened the way outside data affects the business. It will tell you about true power of data and how it changes the present and future of business.

Disrupted by Dan Lyons

It is an account of all the messy story of seasoned journalist form an established magazine takes a job into software marketing startup. He has put all the event occurred at Hubspot in chronological order. It is the place where he met investors, fad-chasing venture capitalist, entrepreneur and ‘wantrapreneurs’, a person with good idea of a business and will going to start a business soon.

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The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

According to Eric Ries, the game of business has changed already. Now it is not about changing the business strategy and plan in a time interval anymore. He made a book with full of scientific and intuitive ideas of business, practical ideas, that an entrepreneur can do to make a long lasting business to withstand every condition and successfully stands for  long time.

Business Adventure by John Brooks

When introduced to him in 1991 by Warren Buffet, Bill Gate said it is his all-time favorite business book. Who would have thought that John will be able to add name like Bill Gate in his fan list. Bill said this book is about the strength and weakness of a leader or entrepreneur who is dreaming of big company. After this long time it is still relevant after this long time.

The Star Principle by Richard Koch

This book is full of those formulas which are used by Richard Koch in a successful attempt to make a $4 million company to $400 million Company in just 25 years. It is one of the most underrated books but it is worth a shot to learn new thing in business. Richard is on 435 ranks on the List of Rich last year.

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