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Countries Which Are The Top Garment Manufacturers

garment manufacturing countries

The world’s textile and garment producing industry is dominated by Asian countries. These countries are China, India, Bangladesh, and Vietnam which are the top manufacturers of garments. There are many reasons why brands prefer making their clothes and apparel from these countries. Factors like favorable climate, cheap labor, and a well set up industry and manufacturing units contribute to their popularity among brands. We will look at these countries individually and see what makes them the top manufacturing hubs.

  • China: The biggest manufacturer of garments in China. It is preferred by 21% of the importers, making it the largest exporter in the garment industry. There are many factors which are contributing to its popularity like, Quality of Production, Low Cost, Advanced Technology in Manufacturing, etc. But over the past few years, China has been facing competition from Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. In spite of this competition, China still remains a dominant force in the garment-producing industry.
  • India: India enjoys popularity of about 14% for being a destination for the manufacturing of garments. With its huge workforce and low costs, it becomes a great competitor to China. It has a good setup for the production of garments with industries and production units being modernized with the implementation of advanced machinery. But the only concern for the brands is that the quality of labor wouldn’t be as good to become an alternative to China.
  • Bangladesh: This south Asian country also enjoys the benefits of low labor costs and a huge workforce. It also has the popularity of about 12% for being the manufacturing destination. But there are many problems related to the production of the goods, the quality, safety measures, and issues related to the infrastructure. Even though there is a huge workforce, the availability of skilled labor is an issue.
  • Vietnam: Vietnam is increasing its popularity among the apparel and garment brands for being a destination to manufacture these garments. Low labor prices tend to attract companies to manufacture their products here. But as Vietnam is still a developing economy, it still is behind China in production.

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