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Top Traits in Personality of a Start-Up Co-founder

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Finding a co-founder for your business must be taken seriously. It is like selecting a life partner in corporative world. You are about to live your livelihood with them. Multiple co-founder helps dividing the stress on one person. They are future of your start-up. Main thing that a co-founder should have is they must share same goal as yours. They help flourish whatever your start-up is about. A Co-founder is like a spotter on your ship of start-up. A good spotter will take it to bank and bad one can sink it to the doom.

Here we will discuss on some traits that a co-founder should have.

Looks for Skills that Compliments Yours

Teams require a mash-up of people of different background. It is like you are finding someone that is not alike you. If you’re focused on technical, then one must be in sales and one must be from finance. It is like everyone must put something new on table from their pocket. Finding co-founders is like creating Yin-Yan of your own. One is from tech then one is from commerce. That helps when start-up is small in size and want good progression.

Showing Respect to Vision and Value

A co-founders vision and values must be respected by the founder and vice versa. This mutual respect shown by both side make understanding better. Your chosen one may be complimentary in skills with you but they must have same vision and value as yours. They must be equal to your dedication and effort for the business. You both may put different skill on the table but your goals must be same. Each one member must appreciate others work. Like one from art must acknowledge their partners tech skill. It strengthen the bond and motivation that build up in one.

A Knowledge Seeker Co-founder

A co-founder must never stop at what he/she knows. He/ she must know that there is a lot that they can learn about. This thrust of the knowledge should not stop at any end. This new learning of their skills will lead your start-up to right direction. This will help one in their growth both personally and professionally. It is a very strong trait that one should have.

One Who Fly With the Winds

While you are working for the start-up, it is challenging and amazing as well. One time you are hiring people, next you may be facing your employee and on next god know, you might be throwing trash out. What the point here is that one need to fly with the wind. If you have found a person like this, just hire them as your co-founder. A co-founder must act like a pivot and rotate with wind but stay on the same axis of goal.

Honesty and Transparency

These two are must traits of a co-founder. There must be no wall between founder and co-founders build on lies. Both must share everything that can affect business success. This integrity from both end build faith in each other. If you can’t find one like these then you should do more search. An unfaithful co-founder may not only harm you financially, he/ she can damage start-up’s ethics and values.


In the end, we can say that co-founder is little harder than finding one person whom you can marry. This one or many person can affect your business in both good and bad ways. But if you look for these few traits in your partner then you might succeed. Still sometime you have to put trust in your instinct. Sometime you have to trust first then making opinion. As some words are “People show their real self when the coins are down.” Your co-founder’s real skill will show when business is in bad condition.

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