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Trump Doubts Lawmakers Can Reach an Acceptable Border Security Deal


President Donald Trump expressed skepticism about Sunday that U.S. lawmakers seeking to prevent another government shutdown could reach a deal on border security he would accept since he renewed his vow to construct a wall on the southern boundary with Mexico. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal,” Trump said chances were reduced that Congress could craft an arrangement and prevent another closure of part of the U.S. government in three months’ time when funding will perish.

“I personally think it’s less than 50-50, but you have a lot of very good people on that board,” the president explained, speaking to the committee of lawmakers made to work out a compromise on border safety financing. Another shutdown, Trump told the Wall Street Journal, was”certainly an option.” The president has also said he might declare a federal emergency in order to construct his edge. Democrats would probably challenge that in court. “Does anybody really think I will not build the WALL? Done longer in the first two years than any President!” Afternoon trump wrote Twitter on Sunday.

Democratic resistance to Republican Trump’s requirement for about $ 5.7 billion to get a boundary wall led to a 35-day shutdown of about a fourth of the U.S. government, a closure which only ended on Friday. The five-week standoff damaged the U.S. market, left many national employees attempting to make ends meet and tested Americans’ patience with delays to aviation, closures of parks and other disruptions.

After opinion surveys showed Americans increasingly blamed Trump for the situation, the president declared a step on Friday to finance the government for three

weeks as congressional negotiators attempt to work out a bill to fully fund the agencies during Sept. 30. However, Trump also threatened to resume the shutdown on Feb. 15 when he doesn’t get what he wants. In his interview with the Wall Street Journal, Trump also seemed doubtful about a possible deal involving both wall money and a broader overhaul of U.S. immigration legislation.

“I doubt it,” he explained when asked if he would consent to citizenship to get a group of immigrants known as”Dreamers,” that were attracted to the United States illegally as kids – in the market for border wall financing. “That’s a separate subject to be consumed in another time,” Trump said.


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