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Unheard Story Of A Prostitute.


The word prostitute itself gives the feeling of an uncomfortable truth. A story of a prostitute is unheard of by society always. She is also called a sex worker. As we know every business starts with a need for people. And this trade of prostitutes also been started by a need of people only and it is the truth. Then why do a prostitute can’t live a normal life like others? they are always viewed by means of a leer by society.

Like other people who work in the office, prostitutes do their work as sex workers. This is legalized in many countries like Germany, Switzerland, Greece, etc. But still, there are many countries where prostitution is not legal and prostitutes get arrested by police if they caught doing so. Many times prostitutes are oppressed by this chevalier of laws. If this becomes legalized then enforcing to women and girls to come in this field will reduce. They will be like other workers for a country.

In prostitution, maximum women are brought forcefully or by the lure of money. Some are sold in the trade. How terrible it is! When I saw an interview with a prostitute on the internet that my heart was grieving. A first question asked to her was How you came into prostitution? She answered that she has brought into this by her stepfather, to whom her mother married after her own father’s death. She had told me that she had to do some work in order to overcome all expenses for her family. And she was brought into a brothel. She was really good in her academics and her dream is to become President of her country. No one worried about her dreams, her life, and her choices. With her, her dreams also caged in that brothel. That interview girl gives money to her mother every month but she doesn’t know what work her daughter is doing. When she was asked about her first experience she commented that she was of 15 years only at that time what one can expect a 15 years old girl? How painful it is! We can’t imagine. She added that in this business there is a lot of importance for juvenescence. She is raped every day and after some time she is dead that she accepts it as her job. When she tries to escape many lips awaits to ask what were you doing in past days. If she answers true then again people look her with a leer and she avoids the truth then also people get knowledge of it from somewhere else.

This September I read one article showing a study by Asha care Trust in Pune India. According to it, 99% of women were told that they need to do another business during the pandemic. But 84% are without any formal education and some are with an incomplete education. 92% of prostitutes fear to restart their work as a sex worker. But many of them have borrowed loan from brothel holders and that makes them again to return their work without their will. 82% of women belong to the 25 to 45 age group and they need to have some skill developing education. The government should try to give them skill education and there is a need to have campaigns to takeout women that don’t want to live as a prostitute. We should not forget that they also have a right to live as a human being. A Prostitute should get the same respect that other women get. Everyone must take proper sex education in order to keep yourself away from sex diseases and that will save the lives of many sex workers.

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