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US Marine and Navy Suicides at a 10-Year High

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US Marine and Navy Suicides at a 10-Year High

The amount of suspected and confirmed suicides from the Navy and the Marine Corps attained a high in 2018. Duty Navy personnel died by suicide in 2018 with 57 cases among the Marine Corps. Another 18 Marines from the Reserve forces either are verified to have committed suicide or their deaths have been investigated as suspected suicides. 

Marine Corps sources state the service is concerned that 2018 may have observed 75 suicides even with all the extensive mental health programs out there. A number of the instances are youthful Marines who haven’t deployed abroad and haven’t been in battle — a situation that’s been seen in other branches of the military as well. Navy officials say they stay focused on suicide prevention applications.  

On Friday that the commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. Robert Neller, released a four-page message to the corps detailing new improvements and developments. But he spoke in detail about Marines taking their own lives and implored soldiers that were troubled to rethink any drastic actions. 

“I am personally forced to say anything about suicide and mental wellbeing,” Neller said from the message. “If you require assistance, please ask/speak up… we will be there for you. Consider the influence on friends your loved ones, and unit — not one of whom will ever recover. Don’t choose a permanent solution to a temporary issue which can be solved with the help of your teammates.” 

The corps started tracking suicides from the Reserves in detail only in 2012, therefore the high is confirmed only in the active-duty forces. The figures have fluctuated in recent decades — which is also a trend that the military has fought to comprehend, with no firm answers with spikes in the numbers of instances. And suicide continues to touch all ranks.   

“While there is no dishonor in coming up short, or needing aid, there’s no honor in quitting,” Neller stated in his message. “For those who are struggling… our Marine Corps, our families, and our Nation want you; we cannot afford to lose you.”  

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