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Which is Better?-Smart Work or Hard Work

Smart Work or Hard Work

In today’s era, everyone seems so busy in their lives. The life of these people is moving around only up to their home to work office and work office to home. People extensively use their time for work and working professionals are giving priority to their work instead of their family and friends. So in this hectic schedule, a question arises that which type of work is better, means doing hard work or smart work?
In this century people are actually not able to manage their time and they used to do only those work which seems like given by their boss or organization. That’s why in this article we’ll discuss which kind of work should a professional do so that he can able to manage their time? Let’s elaborate these two terminologies

Smart Work:

The work technique where you use your brain more than doing that physically to achieve a particular goal is known as Smart work.

Smart work is the time-saving technique and used commonly by the present generation. In this technique, there is a prerequisite of deep knowledge of the subject, if you don’t know the complete knowledge of something then how can you apply the short-cut method of that knowledge.

Characteristics Of Smart Work:

Some of the techniques are-
Saves Time: As someone applied the smart work technique then he or she will definitely save a lot of time as it reduces your work by using innovative and logical ways.
Faster Realization of Goals: As like your previous traditional methods the smart work helps you to achieve your goals faster.
Deep Knowledge: Before applying the smart work technique, the deep knowledge of that field or area is a must. This will help you in applying the short cut methods.

Hard Work:

The work technique which requires lots of dedication rather skill and more brainpower to achieve a goal are known as Hard Work.
Hard-working takes a lot of effort and here body plays an active role.

Characteristics Of Hard Work:

Some techniques are-
Consistency: In hard work to achieve the goals you have to be consistent with your work and practice. As its a long process and requires lots of physical effort so dedication is necessary for this process.
Tedious & Boring: As its a long process so it becomes boring and tedious easily and overnight success is not ensured by Hard work.
Traditional Method: It is an old and traditional format and there are not many changes that are incorporated in the pattern of working.

As our elders always says-‘Work smart not Hard’, it doesn’t mean that only smart work brings you success as smart work is a subpart of hard work. So both need to be followed to achieve the target.
For Example-Lets consider a journey of Civil Services Aspirant as it is a long journey to achieve his/her aim so in this the aspirant needs to follow both the techniques as first the aspirant need to study the complete syllabus and after completing this technique where he/she used Hard work now the next time when he/she wants to study aspirant will definitely going to use the smart work technique to revise the syllabus.

One can attain great heights and lead a better and comfortable life if one incorporates both smart and hard work together.

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