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Yoga – An Art which has Several Benefits


An ancient Indian art, yoga has truly become popular around the globe. Yoga is defined by many as a method of training wherein you have to maintain various postures known as Asanas. Along with these body postures, breathing techniques and mediation techniques are also an integral and important part of yoga. In Sanskrit the word yoga means union. This is also one of the motives of yoga, to connect and unite the mind, body, and soul by performing various Asanas and mediation postures.

All these features of Yoga have attracted many celebrities and other renowned personalities to apply it. In this article, we will look at the benefits of Yoga which should encourage you to apply in your daily lives.

  • Reduces Stress Levels: When you meditate or perform some asanas, you are more or less focusing on what you are doing on the mat. This helps in breaking your concentration from the other stressful activities. Moreover, it is a known fact that meditation brings peace of mind which is helpful in reducing stress. With our daily routines becoming more and more complicated, hectic, and stressful, it becomes even more essential for us to have a suitable stress buster which can be found in yoga.
  • Improves your breathing: Pranayama is the method used for improving your breathing. Its basic objective is to devote and focus all our attention on our breathing patterns. Daily practicing of Pranayama improves your oxygen absorption levels, your lung capacity and also helps people who have occasional colds or allergies.
  • Improves your flexibility: When you perform Asanas, you in turn are moving and stretching your different parts of your body. These Asanas ensure that all most of your body parts like your limbs, shoulders, neck, hip, etc. People with problems of stiffness and inactivity find it beneficial in performing these postures.
  • Beneficial for muscles: Some of the Asanas ensure that you have to put a lot of force and pressure on your limbs and other body parts. This will help in building your muscular strength. This also improves your muscle tone with your arms and legs being lean, long, and having a good shape.

Apart from the above-listed benefits, yoga has several other benefits that can improve your daily life and your lifestyle.

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