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“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

It is very well said that “start early and retire early “ is the best way to enjoy life to the fullest. And living up to this quote we present you, the young minds from all across the world, who have already begun to influence the society around us through their entrepreneurial skills and are emerging to be influential entrepreneurs for the future :

Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran

Setting up an ideal for sibling goals, the duo has already showcased their skills for app development in both IOS and Android platforms. The brothers have emerged as the co-founders of the application GoDimensions fetching them a noteworthy mention in Forbes 2017: 30 under 30, Asia. Kumaran brothers aim to develop simple technological solutions for the digital world with their venture that they started in 2011.

Ritesh Agarwal

This man revolutionized the sector of tourism by not only connecting it with technology and making it easily accessible but also by making it budget-friendly. We all are familiar with his venture,  “OYO rooms” that has turned to become India’s now second most valuable startup. This tech-packed budget-friendly accommodation is currently partnering with 65000 rooms in almost 5500 hotels across India. He has already been entitled to the Business World Young Entrepreneur Award and named on a couple of Forbes 30 under 30 lists.


This man needs no introduction in today’s world. He has substantially contributed towards making the world a small digital village by connecting us all across the globe via his social media app Facebook. What started as a college venture to connect his batchmates have now become one of the most famous social media sites that already have over 2.7 billion monthly users as per 2020. He has been expanding his fields by buying WhatsApp and Instagram. In just 35 years he has become one of the most important persons to influence every one of us and society as a whole.

Rainier Mallol

After this corona pandemic, we all have truly understood the meaning of “health is wealth” and have realized how a pandemic may have numerous catastrophic socio-economic implications. Rainier co-founded AIME,  a software that uses epidemiology, public health best practices, and artificial intelligence to predict deadly outbreaks, aiding world governments in tackling diseases even before they happen. AIME was listed as a finalist in Forbes’ Top 40 for World Changers in 2015 and won the PitchGov Sao Paulo competition in the health category.

John Meehan

This young entrepreneur who has just turned 19, has made the use of social media to the fullest. Meehan is one of the most famous social media entrepreneurs who specialize in social media management and content creation. Having a keen marketing mind Meehan as created and developed several high profiles Instagram accounts amassing millions of followers, reaching out to hundreds of millions of viewers. Many famous brands like Ampme, PureVPN, etc. have already collaborated with Meehan to run their social media campaigns. He is currently expanding his fields of expertise and has recently announced to create podcasts, featuring many celebrated personalities across a wide field of subjects -who would share their experience and tips from their side, as a future endeavor


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