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YouTube Go: A Gift for Slow Internet Speed of India by Google

YouTube Go

As according to a report, with each year, consumption of online video is increasing in each country but as we know every country is not same. As per report by Akamai on Internet Speed says many countries have average internet speed below 3 Mbps and it is 2017, not 90’s. These country really need to get these thing resolved. India also lies below this line with speed of 2.3 Mbps on average. That is reason why Google made a YouTube application named YouTube Go to stand with this slow internet speed of India.

After confirming its presence in the market the application is now available on the Play Store in Beta version as in Early Access. The application is already been reached to 0.5 million to 1 million installation on Play Store. This application will be available for android phone with version 4.1 or above.

Permission: Application will need Identity of the user for account purpose. Others are Contact, Location, SMS, Phone, Storage, Gallery, ID information, Wi-Fi and Microphone. Application was last updated on 6th of June but is in Beta version. This application is still unreleased and might come with some bugs like it might be unstable on some phones.

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The Application comes with the tag line “Ab Mazze Udao, Data Nahi!!” With light size of only 8.5 MB this application can download video. While after saving those video you can share that video with other but the thing is both need to have the application installed. YouTube Go application gives you 2 option to save the video, basic (~240p) and standard (~480p). With these now you can play same video whenever you want without using data.


Its light weight and video saving and sharing option makes it different from the standard YouTube application that is heavy, give lags on some phone (phone with less than 1 GB RAM) and do not share video. After making this dedicated application for Indian Internet Network, Do India really need to work on its Internet Speed and Connection. At least India should try to cone in top 20. Small countries like Indonesia, Thailand are having double of our average speed and if some people think these country have less area then what about Russia, with not that good economy than India they are still having 17 Mbps of internet speed.

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