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Malia Obama Once Again Guilty of Being Cool

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Malia Obama

Malia Obama, a typical person, is trending on Twitter. Why? As a trash tabloid claims she’s a social media account in which she said Donald Trump might sort of really suck, it could be. It might be because she drank any rosé and went on an excursion. It might be because she appears to utilize a veil of authenticity to legitimize a government for her own financial benefit. Oh wait, that’s a First Daughter, my poor! яндекс

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Liberals are falsely accusing conservatives of expressing outrage over the stories, although the Daily Mail published two reports concerning Malia Obama, the daughter of President Barack Obama. The 20-year-old was captured in photos sipping on expensive. In another report, posts from her Facebook account showed messages that were anti-Trump. “OMG Malia Obama is a human with political opinions and enjoys wine,” tweeted Ben Shapiro sarcastically.

However, while many on the right saw nothing outrageous they were accused of stirring up sentiment. “Conservatives are frothing at the mouth over Malia Obama drinking rosé in a party just shy of her 21st birthday,” claimed liberal Imani Gandy.

“Trolling Malia Obama for having fun with her friends and sipping some rosé is even dumber than Arugula-gate,” said Adam Best. “Conservatives never get sick of embarrassing themselves attempting to smear this household.” “Malia Obama isn’t responsible for her father’s policies,” reacted Tim Young, “and she certainly wasn’t elected to the White House… Sorry, not giving that article the clicks and you shouldn’t either. All first children (who aren’t members of white home staff) should be off limits”

“Attacking Malia Obama for ingesting at 20 and also for having a Facebook page where she doesn’t like the man who took over for her daddy and is undoing everything he did isn’t journalism. It is shameful and stalking. As a conservative and President Donald Trump supporter I disapprove,” tweeted conservative commentator Carmine Sabia. яндекс

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