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PHP Framework

Regardless of the popular belief that PHP is dying it isn’t rather according to a recent survey by W3Tech, PHP is used in over 70% of the websites worldwide. These numbers also include any technologies, Frameworks, or languages built on PHP. Laravel is the same right Framework for PHP as Django is for Python, and Node.js is for Express. As a company with lots of experience with PHP projects, we understand that choosing the right framework for your project can be a difficult and confusing task at times. Unless you are sure about your requirements choosing the wrong Framework can cost you heavily in terms of resources like time and money. So, do you have a project in mind that you are thinking of making in reality and asking yourself why Laravel is the best PHP Framework? Well, worry not because today here at Tech Pathway blog, we will share with you the advantages and features of Laravel as well as Why Laravel is the best PHP Framework.

What is Laravel Framework

In the terms of software programming, a Framework is a piece of reusable code that is developed by companies to help programmers build applications and programs. A Framework provides various functionalities and features that can be used by developers to help them build software with more capabilities and performance. 

Laravel is an open-source framework that was launched in 2011 for web development with the support of a Model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern. Ever since its initial release, Laravel has been gaining popularity and bringing new features. Laravel is favored by programmers so much that the second-best Framework Symphony only has a third of the rating even though it is about 4 years older than Laravel Framework. According to developers that use PHP, Laravel Framework helps with the speed of development, more stability, significantly ease the lengthy code maintenance, and improved security features in the applications. 

However, even after offering this many features and being one of the best frameworks for PHP according to developers Laravel has its pros and cons. One of the main reasons behind the success of Laravel is its different level of functionalities that allow developers to save time and effort. 

Laravel Framework advantages

To understand what makes Laravel so different and best compare to other Frameworks, let’s dive right into its various advantages. 



MVC architectural support

Supporting Model View Control architectural functionality is the best feature offered by Laravel. This development practice ensures that there is clarity between logic (Model) and Presentation (View) through the lens of the controller. This results in better coding, readability of the program code and documentation as well as improved performance of the program. 

Allowing developers to use Model View control to create small and big applications with convenience is said to be one of the best features and a noted point while making an argument about Why Laravel is the best framework for PHP

Object-Oriented Libraries

In addition to MVC architectural structure, a beautiful syntax that works with Object-Oriented Libraries, as well as secondary tools for developing robust web applications, are also provided by PHP framework Laravel. In addition to that, Laravel also offers 20+ pre-installed modules to help with web app development. 

Some of the development modules offered by Laravel are so unique and advanced that other Frameworks don’t even offer them. Unless you want to get stuck with a lengthy code going with this PHP framework seems like the right choice. 

The command-line interface

The command-line interface is another feature provided by the PHP framework Laravel. It actually provides an interactive interface to functionality and services to help programmers with maintenance and multitasking. This feature allows various services that help with install, update, as well as making the development process more robust. This tool is called Artisan.  

Authorization technique

In addition to all that, a very simple and organized way to implement authorization techniques, logics, and control access to different resources are also provided by PHP framework Laravel. Almost everything is configured perfectly in the framework. 


Security measures are also taken one step further with its ability to store passwords as Hash encrypted by Laravel. This approach of saving the password in encrypted form is called a Hashed password and it ensures that no password is saved in plain text in the database. The benefit of using this approach is that it uses already prepared SQL statements which make injection attacks unimaginable. 

Eloquent ORM 

Laravel framework has Eloquent ORM inbuilt which allows developers to enable interaction between database and application. The term ORM stands for the object-relational mapper that in other words allows developers to enhance the performance of any business application. 

Eloquent ORM is said to be one of the best website development tools among developers as it enables the use of simple PHP syntax. In other words, Eloquent ORM allows website developers to save time during the writing of complex code. 

Adequate app testing feature

The PHP framework comes with an Adequate app testing feature that allows programmers to make changes in real-time as well as see results. It does this by creating a file named phpunit.xml to perform unit testing in web development. 

In addition to that, in its version 5.5 that was released in 2017, Laravel also added a responsible interface feature that can be used using the controller method. Once you have called the method it is going to check for the instance while preparing a response from “Illuminate\Routing\Router”. 

Looking for a company to hire for your next PHP development

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